Cyclo 500 & 505 - Cyclo Software Update

Latest Version 4.2

The Magellan Cyclo Agent provides the latest software and map updates to Cyclo 500 series devices. The updates will prompt automatically when the device is connected to your computer.

V4.2 change log
• "5 sec" timing added to the screen lock timer settings
• Bigger font is used when using 2-3 data fields
• Change default "screen Lock Timer" to 30sec
• Distance problem solved when recording is stopped and restarted
• Elevation graph was not shown in indoor mode navigation
• Fixed incorrect speed and distance values when connected to BT sensor
• GPX files will be smaller if no sensors are connected
• Improved sensor connection
• Improved Slope display and calculation
• Improved speed for track navigation
• Improved Strava import of Cyclo recordings
• Incorrect peak values are being filtered
• Localisation fixes
• New update of OSM & HERE maps
• Odometer total distance was not always correct
• Other bug fixes improving quality
• POIs can be sorted now by distance from current location
• Possibility to add decimals behind the comma when entering wheel size
• Shimano Di2 sensor connection will not be lost when you dont change gear for a while
• Slope info will be displayed with 1 digit after the comma
• Solved crash that sometimes happens during indoor training with navigation
• Solved issue with training time
• Solved profile issues
• Some updates related to user interface
• Some wrong icons were corrected
• Speed info was not displayed in Dashboard field 2
• The distance between last GPS fix & next fix in case signal dropped will be taken into account now
• Wheel circumference has been changed to mm
• When using car mode sensors will not be searched
• Wifi and phone buttons are switched in settings
• Improved BT sensor connectivity

How to Update your Cyclo 500 & 505

If an auto prompt appears asking to update the Magellan Cyclo Agent from vX.XX to vX.XX, click on "Update" and follow the on screen instructions, otherwise proceed to follow the instructions below.

1) Turn on your device and Connect your device via USB, Launch CycloAgent. You can get CycloAgent here -
CycloAgent for Windows
CycloAgent for Mac

If prompted, log in with your Cyclo Agent account details or create an account if you havent already done so at
Please note that you may need to uninstall any previous versions of Cyclo Agent before installing any new versions. Cyclo Agent Unintall & Install Guide

2) Click the My Device tab and then click Updates (or Check for Updates, depending on the CycloAgent version).

3) When prompted, click Update to update the Cyclo firmware immediately. (You can also select Later to update at a later time.) Ensure all boxes are ticked as it may include image, firmware and map updates also.

4) Follow the prompts on screen to install and update the firmware on your Cyclo device.
After setting up, let the device get GPS signal outdoors and the device is ready to use.

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