Echo Getting Started Guide

1. Turn on Echo

Press and hold the top-left button on Echo to turn it on. The device will show a startup screen followed by a getting started screen containing a QR code and URL.

2. Make sure your smartphone is compatible.

Your smartphone must support Bluetooth Smart in order for it to communicate with Echo. Here is the list of known compatible smartphones.

List of Compatible Phones

3. Turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth.

Echo uses Bluetooth Smart to communicate with your smartphone, so you must turn on Bluetooth.
For instructions, visit the tutorial link below for turning on Bluetooth (apple iphone & ipad). Echo does NOT pair and connect with your smartphone's operating system, so do NOT attempt to pair your smartphone to Echo after turning on Bluetooth as you would a Bluetooth wireless headset or speaker. The same applies for other Bluetooth Smart sensors such as Heart Rate and Speed/Cadence sensors.

Click Here for Bluetooth Tutorial

4. Install and open a compatible application.

Echo pairs and connects with compatible applications on your smartphone, so you must install and open a compatible application.
For instructions, visit the tutorial link below for installing and opening a mobile application. Here is the list of applications supporting Echo at launch.

Click here for Instructions to Installing & Opening apps in iOS

Wahoo Fitness

Apple App Store Link

Wahoo Fitness

Android App Store Link


App Store Link

Strava Run & Cycling

Apple App Store Link


App Store Link


App Store Link


App Store Link


App Store Link

Golf Pad

App Store Link


Apple App Store Link

Android App Store Link


Apple App Store Link

Mens Health

Apple App Store Link


Apple App Store Link

5. Have that application search for Echo.

The method for having the application search for Echo differs by application. For instructions, refer to the manufacturer's website or tutorials listed below.

Click here for App Tutorials

6. Make Echo search for an application.

Press the bottom-right button on Echo to have Echo search for a compatible application.

The device will show a searching screen for 60 seconds before it stops searching.

Press any button during the 10 second countdown alert to continue searching for another 60 seconds.

7. Accept pairing on Echo.

When Echo detects that an application is attempting to pair with it, it will display a pairing screen with the option to confirm (tick) or cancel (cross) the pair request.

Press the bottom-right button on Echo to confirm or

Press the bottom-left button on Echo to cancel.

The device will acknowledge that a connection with the mobile application has taken place.

8. Wait for sync to complete.

After Echo pairs with the mobile application, it will subsequently show a syncing screen while the application downloads settings to Echo.

Once the sync is complete, the Echo device will show a blank data screen.

Your Echo device is now ready for use!

If you experience any issues during this process, please attempt the process again. If you are still unable to pair up Echo to your smartphone, please do not hesitate to contact the Magellan technical support line on 1800 644 033 (AU) or 0800 466 286 (NZ).
Don't forget to note down any errors and which step you get up to before it fails.

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