Bicycling Australia (BA) Tracks for Cyclo 500/505 device

Where Can I download the BA tracks

You can download the State by State Bicycling Australia (BA) tracks from the link below.
They are catergorised state by state and you will need WinZip installed to extract the files.

Bicycling Australia Tracks

How Do I Install BA tracks onto my Cyclo 500/505 series device

1. Turn your Cyclo device on.

2. Connect it via USB onto your PC/Mac computer. Your computer should detect two drives,
“Mgn_system” and “Mgn_data”.

3. Once you have downloaded the tracks from the Magellan website link above, extract the zip file onto your desktop.

4. Open My Computer, locate “Mgn_data” drive > Dodge > Tracks.

5. Copy the extracted tracks (GPX files) from your desktop, into the Tracks folder.

6. Once completed, disconnect the device from computer and restart. The new tracks can be
found in Menu > Navigate > Tracks.

If you require further assistance with this, please contact our Customer Support team on the available methods here.

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